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Made Love With Sister On Diwali

I am from a well-to-do family based in New Delhi. Dad, mom, my elder sis srilekha (sex goddess) and me, that’s our family. Let me describe the heroine of this story my sister srilekha (Sri in short). She is 25 years of age and works for an it firm in Bangalore. She is very fair and her facial features are very good too. She has a body to die for. 34-28-36 stats that can make any guy go crazy for her. Every guy would like to have her on the bed. She is quite a horny girl and had many bfs in past and also has an active sex life.

I always was very attracted towards my mom and Sri sexually. I used to see them changing clothes whenever I got chance and then used to masturbate thinking about their body. I always wished to fuck them but I thought it wouldn’t be possible ever.

So it was march 2017 around holi and sri was in delhi for a week. I too had a weeks off from college. It was a usual morning. I had gone to one of my friends place. Dad had already gone to his office. And mom was out shopping for a puja that was to be held on the day of holi. As I returned from my friends place, I thought of not disturbing sri and opened the gate with the spare keys I had. I directly went to her room and saw the scene of my life. Sri was there in the bathroom and the door was left open. Her back was facing me and she was taking a shower. I saw her ass which was glistening with the body wash applied on it. I felt like grabbing her ass, spanking it and fucking it hard then and there. I spent few moments admiring it. She then turned and both of us were shocked. I saw her big wet boobs and the nipples on it. I felt like sucking and pressing her boobs.
Me: mmm…Mujhe laga tu room me hai isliye aa gya…Sorry
Sri: (closing the door) koi baat nhi…Tu bahar jaa and jaate huwe room ka door bhi band kar dena.

I came to my room and I couldn’t believe how hard my dick had become. It was even longer than usual. I masturbated to her name. Nothing much happened after that. But I had decided to get her to bed after that.

Next time we were together was during Diwali. She was again in Delhi. This time I had completely decided to fuck her. Mom and dad went to a relative’s place in Lucknow for 3 days. I and Sri were left alone at home. I knew this was the best time to get her to bed and fuck her like anything.

Mom and dad left on Diwali morning. I and Sri decided to decorate the house. So we did the decorations and stuff and were done with that by 2 pm. Then we ordered some food and had our lunch. We were tired of the decoration work. So to relax I asked her if we could watch a movie together. She readily accepted that. From here on starts my plan.

I put on a movie that could excite her. And there could me no better movie than “50 shades darker”. So we were watching the movie on my laptop and we were on the couch of the living room. I asked her whether she wanted coffee and she said yes. I went to the kitchen and made coffee for both of us. I had already got some sleeping pills for the day. I added one to her coffee and gave it to her. The pills started showing effect on her quite soon as expected. And even the hot scenes in the movie started having effect on both of us. I was wearing shorts without any inner wear. So my dick had already made a tent in my shorts. Sri too was in shorts. We were sitting quite close to each other on the couch. I saw her looking at the tent in my crotch. I put my hand on her thigh. She was drowsy so didn’t feel my touch on her thighs. I started rubbing my hands on her thighs and I could feel the heat building in her. The combined effect of the sex scenes, the sleeping pill and my gentle rubbing on her thighs was making her horny. I kept moving my hand upwards towards her pussy gradually. And I could see her eyes were no more only on the laptop screen. She was quite frequently looking towards my cock. I knew she was aroused. And I had reached her inner thighs feeling her smooth skin there. Once I caught her looking at my cock. My hands were still in her inner thighs.

Me: kya dekh rhi hai tu?

Sri: (very softly) kuch nai….Tu mujhe kyu chu rha hai?
Me: teri skin bohot smooth and soft hai…Isliye..Kyu, tujhe acha nhi lag rha kya?
Sri: mmmm…

I was totally sure that she was quite drowsy by then.
Me: (pointing to a hot scene going on) u like that?
Sri: hmmmm…

Then I went close to her and started kissing her on her neck…Slow pecks on her neck. She too started moaning and that made me sure that she was liking the thing. Then I put my hand on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy above her panty. It was quite hot. I also kept kissing her on her neck, shoulder, licking her ear lobes, biting them. There was no resistance from her side. She was lying down beneath me on the couch and I was now totally busy kissing her on her shoulder, neck and ears. Slight moans were escaping out of her mouth. Her eyes were closed.

I just shut the laptop and concentrated totally on my horny sister waiting to be loved on the couch.

Her eyes were still closed and now I mounted on her…Bent down and kissed her on her lips..The juiciest lips I’ve ever tasted. She readily let my tongue in her mouth. The kiss lasted quite long and in the mean time she had wrapped her hands around me and I could feel her hands moving on my back. The feeling of her breasts being crushed between my chest and hers was so beautiful.

We broke the kiss and I slowly pulled her t-shirt out from her body. The black colored bra was looking so beautiful on her fair body and her boobs were trapped inside the 34 size bra waiting for my attention.

I picked her up from the couch and carried her to her room in my arms and gently lay her on the bed. The lights were off. But we could still see each other from the light coming through the curtains. I took of my t-shirt. I saw her seeing my body. I then lay on her and started kissing her lips again. This kiss lasted really long. After the kiss broke I started kissing her on her shoulders and started moving downwards towards her breasts. Moans were escaping her lips….Mmmm….Aaahhhhh…..Mmmmm….I kissed one of her breasts over her bra and pressed the other one and played with it for quite a long time…Then I switched my hands and my lips and gave the other breast my attention. Her breasts were so soft. I kissed and played with her breasts for about 15mins and then proceeded further downwards kissing on her belly, her belly button and reached near her panty. I then started kissing her crotch over her panty and then kissed her over her pussy lips over her pink panty. Then I pulled her panty down her legs and kissed my way back from her toes to her pussy. She had recently shaved her hairs there and her pussy smelled very sweet. I smelled it and then I put my tongue on it. She shivered. I started kissing her pussy. She was moaning and the whole room was filled with only hmmmmm…Aaaahhhhh….Sssshhhhh….Mmmmmm sounds. Then I parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue in her pussy and started licking her inner walls. Her moans got louder aaaaahhhhh…..Ohhhh…Mmmmm….Keep on going….Aaaaahhhmmmmmmmmm….And she started pushing my head more towards her pussy and wrapped her legs around my neck. I kept on licking her and she started lifting her butt up and suddenly….Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….She released her juices…I had no option but to drink it….It was salty. I then smooched her pussy and moved upwards to her breasts. I pulled both her bra straps down her shoulders till her elbows and she pulled her hands out of the straps. And I pulled her bra cups down her breasts. Her beautiful breasts were revealed to me. Her nipples were brown in color and were big. I took one of the boob in my mouth and with my hands I removed my shorts…My dick was at its full glory…It seemed even longer than the usual 6.5″ and it was rock-hard. Mt dick was touching her pussy and the regions around it as I was licking her boobs…I then switched to the other boobs and took it in my mouth and started playing with the previous one. After licking her boobs and playing with them for about 15mins…I finally bite her nipples and she shouted like aaaaahhhh…Pain and pleasure was mixed…This sound ignited my energy.

I went up to her lips and started smooching her…The wildest kiss of my life…Meanwhile I adjusted myself between her legs and Sri kept my dick on the entrance of her pussy. My dick was already lubricated with my precum and I pulled back the foreskin to reveal the thick dickhead. We were still smooching. I pushed my dick in a little and the I could feel the head of the dick go in. Sri opened her eyes at once in shock. I gave on more push and my whole dick was inside her pussy…She moaned loudly but that was not heard well due to our smooching…Then I parted my lips from hers and pulled my dick back a little and started giving gentle strokes…With each stroke she was moaning….Mmmmm….Aaaaahhhh….Mmmmm. The room was filled with her moaning sounds. In between we were smooching and I was also pressing her boobs. I then hugged her and was still stroking my dick in her pussy. I was kissing her on her neck and her shoulders and Sri had wrapped her hands around me and her hands were moving on my back. I could feel her breasts get crushed between our chests and that feeling was driving me crazy.

I kept on stroking my dick I her pussy but now her moans were getting lower. The sleeping pills were working. Her eyes were closed and he left her juices after a while with a low aaaaahhhhh voice….I kept on stroking for 5 more mins and then I too released my cum in her pussy. I was all sweaty by then. I took my dick out of her pussy and my dick had lost it hardness. It was semi-erect. Sri had almost slept. I smooched her but there was no response from her. She had slept. I got down from her and lied beside her. I covered ourselves in a sheet and I wrapped her naked body in my arms, her head near my shoulders. I could feel her breath on my chest. And I too slept like that. When I woke up, it was 11pm. I saw Sri…She was still asleep. She looked so beautiful while sleeping. I kissed her on her forehead. For the whole world it was just a usual Diwali eve. But for me it was the most special Diwali. I had finally made love with my sister.


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