Saturday, December 16, 2017

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My Hindi Teacher

My name is ash(name changed) who is 6 ft and has a normal build and I am from Chennai.This happened when I was in school(18 years old ).I had taken up tuition classes for Hindi back then.

My teacher was 5’6 with medium dark black hair (married) in her late 30’s.She had medium boobs but she wore a tight dress and her ass is one to die for.First I was not attracted to her at all but slowly her appearance and her facial expression grew in me that you never know what life has waiting for you in the future.After a few months, we became close that she would share problems she had with different students and I would be listening quietly to what she says all the time.I used to wait until tuition ends just to spend alone time with her.She was so beautiful I seriously miss her now. She had a cute mole on top of her left eyebrow and I used to compliment about how beautiful it looked on her and she used to blush about it.

There was one day where a particular student who caused trouble to her and she said him that she couldn’t teach him anymore.As usual, I was till the end she started saying about this incident what happened and all, as always I was restless staring on to her boobs and listening, since I was alone with her and I knew her husband comes like in half an hour, I had something in mind.I suddenly told her that something is there on her hair, she asked me what it was? I replied that it was a bug she freaked out. Didn’t expect that but I placed my hand on her hair (left side of it ) with all my fingers I quietly imagined it like a boob and groped it like something, she was clueless as she thought I was searching for an insect and suddenly I took out my hand as in I got something and threw it out on the window.Man, that feeling was heavenly touching her hair like that! I would randomly step on her leg and ask sorry since she used to teach while we are sitting on the table and whenever I was near her, I used to rest my leg on hers and purposely touch her hands and asked sorry all the time.

At a point, she wouldn’t mind even if I touch her.I was getting excited as I thought she was beginning to like me.I used to touch her hair all time saying different things like there is dust on her head, insect …Lol, this worked for me all the time until one day she said nothing is there… You were just doing it on purpose. I was shocked to hear it from her that day and didn’t go for tuition for 3 days.
As my exams were nearing I didn’t go for tuition so I asked her whether I can come early before everyone else and finish my classes and concentrate on other subjects.She accepted to this and I went tuition like this for a week.Man, I thought this was my perfect chance to seduce her as I would be alone with her for 1 and half hours without anyone disturbing me.

Day 1: I went inside nothing much, me and her as she asked me to study while she finishes her cooking.I went and asked for water and while asking I brushed her ass with my hard on cock, what a feeling I had I was in heaven when I did this.She didn’t react much but I know she definitely felt it.I studied and asked some doubts and left the tuition.This happened for three more days.

Day 5: this was the golden day I was waiting for as soon as I rang the door bell I saw her opening the door with bathroom towel on her head and her dress wet as she had just come out of shower.She welcomed me inside and asked me to study as she went inside the room.She sat opposite to me with bathroom towel on her head and asked me to read a particular chapter.As I read she opened her hair omg my dream angel with wet hair what a sight immediately I got turned on and my dick arouses.As she patted her hair with a towel the droplets from her hair hit me as my dick got erected like something and its in 90-degree position.Again she went into the room to do some work.I was thinking about a plan to seduce her as I couldn’t control, my mind was filled with thoughts on how to fuck her.She came back and started explaining the paragraphs sitting next to me doing her hair.

And suddenly dint know why but I stood like a retard and asked her can we study by standing for some time as I said I was feeling restless, she was like hmmm…. Okay.As she stood I touched her ass with my penis as always she dint react I was like wtf.Since I was tall I stood behind her when she was teaching I even played with her hair lightly still she wouldn’t notice.Again she asked me to study and left the room I was confused on what to do, suddenly a plan came to my mind.While she was returning to the room I would purposely hit her and fall down along with her by doing this I would press her boobs while falling down and liplock her, this might be dramatic for someone.

As soon as I heard her voice I went towards the door and hit her head (purposely) and we both fell down on the floor, I started pressing her boobs while getting up and again purposely slipped kissing her on the cheek.What happens next? I will tell you in the next part.


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