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Sex With Dirty Talking Neighbour Lady

I m aneel from Hyderabad. I am 22 years old, tall and average built body. I used to live with my brother in an apartment of 5 floors with 4 flats on each floor. We lived on the fifth floor and two flats are unoccupied at that time. In the other flat, there is a family of three. We are close to the other family as we are from the same region in ap. The owner babu anna(bhayya) works in Dubai. He visits Hyderabad very rarely.

His wife(Chandana- name changed) and mother lives in the house. Both of them are unemployed. I used to call her chandu akka (sister). She is fair(too fair), young(may b the mid 20’s), very thin and flat chest with no boobies. But she looks hot in saree. She is very active and became friend quickly. She used to tease me when I am chatting. She used to ask who is on the other end. I used to just laugh.

My brother comes to the home late after office (around 11-12).One day I came back from office and saw chandu at the lift with a pack of groceries. She said that her mother in law went to some funeral, so she is bored and making some snacks and invited me. I said that I ‘ll come after changing my clothes.

I changed my clothes and went directly to her kitchen, she was mixing the dough and suddenly, she looked at her phone as she got a notification. Her expression changed and looked tense so I took her phone off the table as she started shouting loudly, but it was common as she used to read my chats with girls. So I opened her phone as saw a WhatsApp msg with 3 kisses from an unknown number. Looking at her anger I gave her phone back. She was still angry. I thought it was a guy harassing her.

Me: who is he?

Chandu: its none of your business. If you ask one more question, you can leave the house

Me(thinking that someone is misbehaving with her): I know whats happening here, I won’t tell anyone Akka. You can share it with me. I shared all my secrets with u.

She resisted few times but I asked calmly for four or five times and finally

Chandu: okay, but you shouldn’t tell anyone
Me: okay

Chandu: he is from our hometown. He was really close( by showing hands gesture) to me before my marriage. We got to different paths as my marriage as he is my brother in law. No one knew about me and Shiva. We kept it as a secret.

I was shocked hearing that she likes him too.
Chandu: he moved to Hyderabad. We met today.

Then it all came back to me. She wore nice chudidhar on a normal day. I asked what ll happen if bhayya knows about it in low voice. She said that she likes her husband too now and asked me not to tell. I said I won’t. But at this moment all I had is questions.

Me: what did you do today?

Chandu: we went to gvk mall and had food there.
Me: anything else? (in little cheeky way)
She looked at me and nodded no

Me: before marriage?
She didn’t answer but her face clearly shows that they had some crazy days.
Me: kiss…
She stop it.

Me: ur generation is much better. You guys had everything. We are busy with jobs.
She: you stop acting like this. I know everything about u. I had seen all ur chats and how you talk with them about female parts and stuff.
(I had few female friends who talk with me openly)
Me: we only talk about it but nothing happened. Not even touchings (I was like”What am I talking”)
She: so you never had…
Me: I am not that lucky. I am still virgin.

We were in the hall and watching tv. I went to close the door as she bought pakodi on a plate. My penis is fully erect and all I was thinking is touching her small boobs.

While she was placing the plate on table in front of the sofa, I tried to look inside her chudidhar.(it felt like she caught me but said nothing) I couldn’t see anything as her boobs are very small. She sat next to me and I continued.
Me: how does it feel while having sex.
She didn’t scolded me for asking such questions.
She: I don’t believe that you didn’t had sex.
Me: if I had sex my lap won’t have so many porn videos and my bathroom tiles won’t be that white.
She laughed.

I wanted to make a move as I can feel she is also ready for it. I looked at her boobs intentionally trying to get caught. She looked me and said, “Do you want to go home?”
I don’t know where I got the courage but I said “No, I want to see”
She “What do you want to see? Tv?” and laughed.
I thought it as a good sign as she didn’t scold me but instead laughed.
I said “Only once”

She “I still cant believe you are a kid, kids shouldn’t do such things” again laughed.
I said ” I won’t ask again, I am moving out in 1 month anyway. Ur secret will be safe.”

There is a little silence and she said: “What do you want to see?”
I looked towards her boobs. She said” you are already doing that”
Me: ugh

She: okay and she slowly bought her top down a little. She wore a black bra. I placed my hand on her boob, she didn’t did anything. They are small but firm. I placed my hand on her bra and pressed twice. She laughed at me and said “Bhacha”. I grabbed them and said ” ur boobs are so small and you look like a bchachi too” she laughed and was little uneasy the whole time. I slowly pulled her bra down and she was resisting but not totally. I can see her half part of boobs and I quickly licked it. She said:” I though you just wanted to lick” I quickly dragged her chudidhar top but it didn’t came down completely. She slowly took her top and bro slowly. It felt like it took 2 hrs to get to this point. I grabbed her boobs tightly and sucked them, they are just under my palm but I liked them. She slowly leaned back sitting while I started kissing her neck then cheeks and slowly kissed her. She is also kissing back. I again sucked her boobs and slightly bite them. She felt the pain, I slowly placed my finger in her navel and rotated in it.She laughed and I like it.

At this point juices are flowing, so I placed my hand on her pant. No resistance, she is also enjoying it. I rubbed my hand on her pussy hair and slowly put my finger on her pussy. She took my hand and walked me into the bedroom.

She sat on side of the bed. I knelt before her on the floor and slowly pulled her pant down. All I can see is hair and lightly placed my finger in her pussy as she guided my finger inside. I pushed hair a little and touched the tip of my tongue into her pussy and licked it and started teasing her. She grabbed my hair and leaned on my head while I was kissing her pussy. I said”My brother has condoms in apartment and I know where he keeps them.” she sighed me to get them. I brought them in no time.

As soon as I entered the bedroom I couldn’t hold any longer. I removed my track pant and wore a condom.

She was just laid back looking at me. I slept on her and tried to put my dick in her pussy. She helped but I couldn’t feel anything except its tight. But couldn’t feel her skin.

I slowly started stroking. She said “Gattiga (harder)”. I pushed hard. She said “Gattiga dhengu(fuck harder)”

I was shocked as its rare hear Telugu lady saying dirty words in Telugu. I was fired up. She started moaning to encourage me. She was talking dirty whole time. She used all the words penis, pussy, bitch in Telugu. Her voice is so squeaky and her body is so pale.

I fucked her in the same position for a minute or two but my penis grows small without ejaculating. She put it back but couldn’t. She removed the condom and stroked it with her hand and I was erect again after feeling her warm hands. Now as I slept, she sat on my penis and slowly placed my penis(btw its long, thanks to the hard work) in her pussy and rode like a pro. While swinging she was moaning and cursing. I came quickly after that. As I came I grabbed her tiny body and hugged hard to me. We remained in that pose for few seconds. We went to the bathroom and while cleaning I said: “Shave ur pussy”. She “Doesn’t you like it?” I nodded yes and kissed her lightly, pressed her boobs and went back to my apartment.

It was the start of something great. We had few moments after that like kissing and touching boobs but never got a chance to sleep with her. My brother left for Chennai, so I moved out as my office is far and my brother is not staying there.


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