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Sexy Shruthi Fingered Cute Jaishree’s Pussy

Jaishree generally massages herself to maintain that perfect outlook to attract every men and woman towards her. She is just 25yrs old and encountered many sexual intercourses with her mates for pleasuring herself. She is presently a school teacher in Kannur Dist, Kerala. She is one of the best girl mates I have ever found and moreover, now we are more than friends and we share every little thing which happens in our life. This is her sex story, which continues from here.

During my school days, I was very shy and very least talking girl in my class even with boys and also with girls. When I was 18 years old, I got periods and I missed by pads in the home and was not having pads. This is the time, I talked with my schoolmate Shruthi in a very shy and sad mood to help me if she is having the extra pads for me. We both went to the restroom and she gave me the extra pad which she had with her and I cleaned myself and placed pads and came back to the class.

Shruthi is my classmate and she is a very open-hearted girl and was very naughty in the class. She uses to be with the boy’s team and use to rag each and every boy and girl of our school by stupid nicknames. She is not that fair looking but she is having a perfect figure with huge tits and the huge hips. For measurements, I can say as 38-30-36 in structure.

Our first intimate scene was during the dance practice in the school annual gathering time. We all girls used to practice in our class by locking all the windows and doors. As usual, we use to practice the dance but on one day, we were having ‘masti’ dance by shaking our belly and hips for Shakira’s song “HIPS DON’T LIE”, during that I noticed Shruthi’s boobs which were about to fall out from her school uniform. I was staring at her boobs from the very beginning of the dance and even the hips when she turned around for another step.

For my chance, I got Shruti as my partner and was very happy from the heart. During our practice, we became close to one another and started to hug and kiss as best friends. During hugging, intentionally I used to press myself completely tight against her body so that I can feel her boobs completely sticking to my boobs. And it was only 3-4 days remaining for gathering, we girls discussed to practice with pairs in the home also by adjusting to stay in each other’s home for those days.

I was on cloud 9, as I got an opportunity to spend all my day and night with Shruthi, who was my secret crush. I spoke with my parents and I shifted to her home for 3 days with all my stuff. As her home was too big, we had got a lot many spaces to practice in a room in 1st floor. The day passed as usual with our practice and we came to the bed together for sleep. She slept beside me placing her back at my side.

I was observing her hip curves on her tight leggings and was feeling to eat them up. I was waiting for her to sleep, so that, I could feel her body in her sleep. Thinking that I too slept off. Suddenly around 2 am, I got up from my sleep and saw Shruthi laying straight beside me making her navel to be clearly visible and boobs popping out of her t-shirt. Actually, for my luck, she never wears her inner wears during sleep which she later said me.

So, I just placed my hands on her belly and moved closer to her as if I was in deep sleep. She was also sleeping in her deep sleep. I just gained some confidence and started to caress her belly. Doing this, I was completely sweating from top to bottom. Slowly, I moved my hands over her boobs and found no bra or a slip, which made me very happy and pulled her t-shirt upside by making one boob very much out clearly to have a view of it.

By this act, she felt bit shivered and turned towards me by face. I feared that she got up. But she was still in her sleep. I just gained some confidence and placed my hand and leg on her. She didn’t respond and I just moved down a bit to adjust my face exactly to her boobs area. I hugged her in sleep very tightly as if I m getting too much cold. She tried to push me aside but I held her tightly by pulling her t-shirt. Later she slept in the same way. I started licking her boobs from her t-shirt and noticed that her nipples got hard due to cold.

Then I just slightly opened my mouth and started biting her nipples gently and started pulling them my teeth. By this, she got up but she was enjoying the act. I noticed that she got up as she started moaning for my tongue movements on her nipples. She was enjoying my act so she intentionally pulled her t-shirt upside to give me a full view of her boobs. OMG, what a view it was! The full moon in front of my eyes barely visible. It was fair with dark nipples. She pushed herself to my face tightly so that, I can swallow her boobs completely, but actually my face was covered completely and was unable to take breathe too.

Now, our intentions were clear, and I got full on confidence and I started to press her boobs with my hands and started to suck her nipples and bite them very hard. She was moaning very heavily and in turn, she placed her leg in between my thighs and started to rub them. We were having no control over what we were doing. This made me completely wet as my pussy juice was leaking out.

I left her boobs and straightly started kissing her lips. We smooched for a long time about 10-15 mins continuously. And while kissing, I removed her t-shirt completely and she removed my top. I was wearing a bra and a panty inside. She pulled my bra so hard that, it was about to tear off. We hugged each other nakedly from the top and started kiss n suck each part of our body. While this act was on, I just started to rub her pussy with one hand. But I was feeling as if I m touching her pussy barely.

She took my hand and placed inside her leggings and made me press her hard inside. she was totally wet and had cum already. She started to suck my armpits and then moved on to belly and within no time, she pulled off my night pant along with panty. She was acting too wild and horny. She started to pinch my pussy lips and started to rub my clit very fastly. I was having no control over it and suddenly cum on to bed.

She smelled it but it was not so good but she was amazed by her act with me. She slowly tried to insert her finger into my pussy. But it was too tight. I never tried to put anything inside my pussy. So then tried to insert her little finger but it was paining a lot for me as it was too tight. She then took a pencil which was on the table next to the bed and kept in her mouth and then she tried rear end to put inside my pussy. I was saying no no no to her.

But she just has a kiss tightly on my lips and inserted a pencil inside. it was hurting but she started stroking it in and out and this gave a trigger thrill and started to enjoy it. I was feeling like, I was being fucked hard by a man with his huge hard dick. I started to respond her and as she increased her speed, I again came on for the second time. And was totally exhausted by her acts. But as she was naked and was flashing her boobs on my face, I held her both the boobs so hard and squeezed them with my force, she then took my hands and made to rub her pussy.

Then, I pushed her to bed and removed her legging. It was mild hairy but was very soft than mine. She was chubby girl, whose clit was too much covered by her pulpy body. I started to make a way to insert my finger into her pussy. She was feeling my finger movement and was very eager to take my finger inside her but I started teasing her by rubbing her clit with my palm and circling the pussy outer layer with my finger.

But she was no control to take it inside.. she pulled my hand and started stroking it into her pussy. She frequently used to masturbate by watching porn videos, as few boys use to give her such videos. My two fingers were easily drilling her pink pussy in and out. I increased my speed heavily and she was moaning so loud that, she was jumping out of bed due to pleasure with my finger speed.

On that night from around 2 am to 3:30 am, we enjoyed a lot without speaking a word to one another. We both slept with exhausted body by throwing our dresses out of bed. But when next day morning woke up, she was topless laying beside me but was wearing her leggings.

But I was completely naked in front of her laying on the bed in a daylight. I covered my body quickly with the blanket and covered my face. There was a long silence between us on that day. We didn’t speak for around 10-15 mins. And she pulled off my blanket and hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks and said: “I love you Jai”. With the shy face, I said, “love you too Shurri”. And she laughed at me and shook her boobs in my face and pressed mine hard.

From that day to till today, whenever we meet in Kerala, we spend having our sexual pleasures. As we both were not virgins anymore, we try holding sticks, carrot, banana, cucumber and all those stuff to pleasure ourselves to satisfy the pussy depth which cannot be reached by men’s fucking dick.


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